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Mengxi Group held a semi-annual business briefing
CEO Gao Wenhuan arrangements for the second half of priorities
Release time:2014-08-12
    August 8, 2014 Mengxi Group semi-annual business briefing held in first floor conference room Mengxi building. Gao Wenhuan, Ye Xiangdong, Bao Shuangjiang, Wang Tianlong, Jin Wentong and other group leaders attended the meeting, Cement Group COO, Marketing Director, Chief Engineer, Head of Finance, General Manager of the other subsidiaries, deputy general manager and managing quite duties staff person in charge of the Finance Ministry, the company headquarters middle management staff attended the meeting.At the meeting, the company Investment and Development department informed of the Group economic operation and project construction in the first half 2014, the situation on the second half of the business were predicted. Each subsidiaries were reported in the first half and the second half of the completion of the work matters and second half year plan, analysis of the the main reason and planned measures not completed the program. Discuss the implementation of the business model and Corporation Mengxi group business model mainly accessories.
    Gao Wenhuan president at the meeting a comprehensive and objective analysis of the current macroeconomic situation and the development of the situation faced by various industries, arrangements for the second half of the priorities of each subsidiary. He pointed out that the economic winter has quietly come, the next two years may be more difficult economic situation, which we have to scientific planning, calmly, and actively make preparations to spend winter. He asked each subsidiary company in accordance with the overall deployment and annual work conference-cum-chairman of the company office party committee meetings, understand the situation, unity of thinking, strengthen confidence, and actively respond to various challenges, by actively develop new markets, increase production and sales raise the overall labor productivity of various industries, continue to focus on cost control, and control the costs, to ensure the required operating cash flow and other measures to strive to achieve the stated business objectives. Implementation plan through the development of business model and business model of attachment, do propaganda and training, the implementation of Position and delimit small accounting unit operating mode, push through the central control system management, implement the external resources integration way to enforce market business model. at the same time, to establish long-term mechanism, rectification work to strengthen production safety management of enterprise. Enhancing the quality of staff and the management level of enterprises.Finally, he pointed out, 2014 is an important development in West Inner Mongolia has a special significance in the history of the year, the reform is successful, we will be out of the woods, to win space for development and lay a solid foundation. He asked the staff firm confidence, solidarity, closely around the business objectives and reform and development of two major events, together, make careful arrangements, strong forward, and reform of the Target Group for the business successfully reach and work hard.
    Bao Shuangjiang presided over the meeting and made a concluding speech. He asked the subsidiary objective view of the current economic situation, give full play to their own advantages, strengthen confidence, the difficulties, go all out to complete the objectives and tasks throughout the year, solid work to promote the deployment of group company. At the same time, the company will reform the business model as a major event related to the survival of the enterprise to grasp, complete business model accessories make the work in accordance with the provisions of the time, the letter of the various measures to reform the business model, to ensure that the reform has achieved the expected results.
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